A belt worn crossways from the shoulder to carry a sword, usually richly decorated; a belt worn over one shoulder and under the opposite arm, supporting a horn; the strap from which the clapper of a bell was hung.

Dictionary of Medieval Terms and Phrases. .

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  • Baldric — Bal dric, n. [OE. baudric, bawdrik, through OF. (cf. F. baudrier and LL. baldringus, baldrellus), from OHG. balderich, cf. balz, palz, akin to E. belt. See {Belt}, n.] A broad belt, sometimes richly ornamented, worn over one shoulder, across the… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • baldric — c.1300, belt worn over the shoulder, from O.Fr. baldre (Mod.Fr. baudrier shoulder belt ), which probably is from L. balteus belt, said by Varro to be of Etruscan origin. The English word perhaps influenced by M.H.G. balderich (which is itself… …   Etymology dictionary

  • baldric — [bôl′drik΄] n. [ME bauderik < OFr baudrei < Frank * balti, belt < ? L balteus > BELT] a belt worn over one shoulder and across the chest to support a sword, bugle, etc …   English World dictionary

  • Baldric — A baldric (also baldrick, bawdrick, bauldrick as well as some other, mostly rare or obsolete, variations) is a belt worn over one shoulder that is typically used to carry a weapon (usually a sword) or other implement such as a bugle or drum. [… …   Wikipedia

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  • baldric — noun Etymology: Middle English baudry, baudrik, from Middle French baudré, from Old French baldrei Date: 14th century an often ornamented belt worn over one shoulder to support a sword or bugle …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • baldric — baldricked, adj. /bawl drik/, n. a belt, sometimes richly ornamented, worn diagonally from shoulder to hip, supporting a sword, horn, etc. Also, baldrick. [1250 1300; ME bauderik, bawdryk, baudry < AF baudré, baldré, OF baldrei, baudré, perh. …   Universalium

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